Company profile

Since the company was founded, AKH is dedicated to the task of promoting the development of electric motor technology and to provide intelligent drive solutions for the different applications.

A powerful, innovative development team and a unique high range of manufacturing enables us to commit to the requirements of our customers very dynamically and flexible.

Thus, we are in the position to process the very demanding tasks with innovative solutions for our time, as well as to set new trends in individual fields of application, e.g. energy-saving motors with the highest energy efficiency.

By using high-quality components from German manufacturers and carrying out comprehensive tests during manufacture, we ensure that the customized motors are supplied at a constant high AKH quality.


AKH – Antriebstechnik KATT Hessen arose in 2002 by reforming the KATT-Motoren company, founded in 1924, incorporating its affiliate the AKS development company.

The headquarters of AKH is in Homberg (Efze) in North Hessen (photograph) and has another development office in Dresden (previously AKS).

The "KATT" designation in the company name reflects the high manufacturing competence of the original company. The term KATT still stands for the highest quality and more than 2 million electric motors delivered.

Since November 2014 AKH is part of the global WEG Group.

Milestones in the development of motors at AKH

  • 1999 Market introduction of an open-circuit air-cooled, very low inertia asynchronous series of machines with high power density. This was attained by an innovative, patented ventilation system.

  • 2007 Production of the first, special water-cooled three-phase current dynamometer with auxiliary fans for testing large Truck combustion engines. Power density: 800kW at axle height 355.

  • 2009 Development of a self-ventilating, high efficiency series of motors AH250 to AH400, with special bearing for absorbing high axial and radial forces and high maximum speeds (application in process pumps).

  • 2010 Delivery of the first three-phase current dynamometer for E-Mobility test bench tasks (430Nm, rating 180kW up to a max. speed of 16.000 rpm)

  • 2011 2011 Delivery of a dynamometer with innovative winding structure in AH 450 with 1MW and max. 8500 rpm.

  • 2012 Market introduction of a low mass, asynchronous series of machines with very high power density and patented water cooling.

  • 2017 Market launch of High-Speed Synchronous machines for Automotiv Testing Solutions